Local Pub glass washer repair, maintenance and service provided by professional qualified engineers.

Bar glasswasher repair engineers. Pub glasswasher repairs. Glasswasher spare parts.

Reliable and professional service.

It can not be underestimated how important your commercial glasswasher is to the smooth running of your pub. That is why we will always endeavor to attend as quickly as possible and conduct your repair with the professionalism our customers have come to expect.

Why choose us as your pub glasswasher service partner ?

  • Fantastic first time fix rate
  • All our engineers carry glasswasher spare parts
  • Local pub glasswasher repair engineers
  • Competitive call out costs
  • Dedicated customer support manager

Pub Glasswasher Service

Help prevent your pub glass washer breaking down with a glasswasher service. With a service visit for your pub glasswasher we may be able to identify problems before they occur, preventing possible break downs before they happen. Our specialist glasswasher service engineers will also be able to give you advice on the up-keep of your pub glass washer,

Bar Glasswasher Replacement Parts

Read more about how we can help you find the correct bar and pub spare parts.



Learn more about our pub glasswasher replacement parts



Replacement Parts

We have glasswasher spare and replacement parts available from stock.

Pub Glasswasher Parts


Find out more about our pub glasswasher spare parts


Not just pub glasswashers

We don’t just repair pub glass washers. Did you know that as well as repairing pub glass washers, we also repair all other makes and model of commercial catering equipment.

Spare parts are available for all commercial catering equipment.

Thinking of replacing your old glasswasher

If you have decided that your old glasswasher is past its best, become uneconomical to repair or need a glasswasher with a larger capacity then don’t worry. We can supply you with a brand new glasswasher or reconditioned second hand glasswasher.


40% off

Pub glasswashers

New pub and bar glasswashers

Follow the link to our partner site where we have a wide range of new glasswashers from leading manufacturers.

Common Questions

We have local bar glasswasher repair engineers in most areas

A service visit for your pub glass washer is normally booked in advance and at a time convenient to you. A breakdown call out is usually when your glasswasher has developed a fault.

To book a call out for your bar glasswasher simply call our telephone number or use the contact us form.

The length of time between a service depends on a few factors including the dishwashers age and how much it is used.

  • For bar glasswasher repair click here.
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Thinking of replacing your old glasswasher

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