Replacement Parts For Newscan Dishwashers and Glasswashers

Spare and replacement parts for Newscan professional dishwashers and glasswashers. We supply Newscan commercial dishwasher and glass washer spares and associated products.

Search For Your Newscan Spare Part

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Newscan Wash Pumps and Rinse Pumps

New pumps for Newscan dishwashers and glasswashers

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Replacement Newscan Elements

Replacement Newscan elements for dishwashers and glasswashers

Newscan timers and circuit boards. Newscan replacement parts. Spare parts for Newscan dishwashers and glasswashers

Newscan Timers, Circuit Boards and PCB’s

New Newscan timers boards ,PCB’s and User Interfaces

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Suppliers of Newscan Chemical Pumps

Replacement Detergent and Rinse Aid Pumps


Newscan Temperature Sensors.

Suppliers of Newscan replacement parts. Newscan dishwasher spares. Newscan glasswasher spare parts
Replacement thermostats, temperature sensors and over heat stats for Newscan ware washers.

Newscan Contactors and Relays.

New contactors and relays for all Newscan professional dishwashers and glasswashers .

Newscan Wash and Rinse Arms.

Suppliers of Newscan replacement wash arms, rinse arms. New jets and nozzles

Newscan Professional Dishwasher Ancillaries

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Ancillaries including Newscan baskets, water softeners, chemicals, tabling and baskets.

Newscan dishwasher spare parts

Newscan glasswasher spare parts

Genuine Newscan spare parts

Competitive pricing on all spares

Origional Newscan Sapres

Genuine Newscan Spare Parts

We are suppliers of Newscan parts for all Newscan dishwashers and glasswashers. Most parts are available from stock for next day delivery when possible.

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Why Buy Your Newscan Spare Parts From Us

Expert help, fast delivery and competitive pricing

Fast Delivery

Fast delivery for all and spare parts.

Newscan Service & Repair

We have Newscan service and repair engineers in most areas.

Help When You Need it

Should you need help finding the correct part please call us.

Competitive Pricing

Suppliers of Newscan spare parts at competitive prices.

How to identify the correct Newscan replacement part

  • If you know the Newscan part number you need

    Enter the part number into the search box.

  • Search for your Newscan part.

    Search using the search bar or alternatively by using the pictorial description.

  • Find the model and serial number of your Newscan dishwasher or glass washer

    This is often found on a plate at the side or back of your equipment.

  • Contact our office for specialist advice

    Enter the details of the part you are looking for into our contact form or contact us by telephone for assistance. We will do our very best to help you identify your part.

Common questions and answers

Can you help me choose the correct replacement parts?

Our specialist friendly team are always on hand to help you.

How long does it take for my parts to arrive?

Delivery for in stock items is usually 2-3 days

Do you repair Newscan equipment?

Yes, we have our own engineers in most areas.

Do you supply all Newscan spare parts?

Whilst we can not guarantee that we will have every Newscan spare part available in stock, we will always try our best to source the Newscan spares that you need.

Passing On The Savings

Because we buy our spare parts in bulk we can pass on the savings to you our customers. This has the knock on effect that Firstly this significantly reduces what you pay for your parts and secondly it therefore makes us more competitive.