Specialist glasswasher repair and service.

We provide a reliable and cost effective solution for your commercial glasswasher repair and service. Glass washer repair by professionals.

A clean beer glass or wine glass is essential when you want to serve the perfect beverage. Not only does it facilitate the serving of the drink as it was intended by the manufacturer but it also demonstrates to your customer that you care enough to serve it in a clean sterile glass.

To keep your commercial glasswasher in the best possible condition it is always advisable to plan ahead and book a service visit for your pub or bar glass washer. A service visit will allow our commercial glasswasher repair engineers to identify any issues before they become a problem. They will also be able to offer advice specific to your glasswasher. Depending on the size of your washer, the age and how much it is used you may want to book an annual service or talk to us about a glass washer maintenance contract.

Glasswasher Repair Questions

Do you have glasswasher repair engineers near me ?

We have local glass washer repair engineers in most areas.

How do I book a glasswasher repair ?

If you are using a mobile device press the green phone symbol. from a land line please call the number at the top of the page.

Can you fix my commercial glasswasher on the first visit ?

In most cases we will be able to repair your commercial glass washer on the initial visit. In some cases we may have to order a replacement part.

Commercial glasswasher repair Trouble Shooting

Commercial glasswasher repair trouble shooting.  Glass washer repair and servicing


Lipstick not being removed from glass

Not enough detergent or incorrect wash temperature.

Streaking on beer or wine glass

Possible high level of minerals in the rinse water. We recommend calling a glass washer repair engineer to test the water supply.

Local Glasswasher repair and service

To view our Local glasswasher repair services please follow the link.