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Prodis glasswasher repair Leeds and West Yorkshire.
Maintenance and service to all Prodis glass washers in Leeds. Prodis engineer near me

Local Leeds Prodis glasswasher repair engineers. Not only do we supply and distribute Prodis glass washer spare parts in the Leeds area, we also give the option to have one of our specialist Prodis glasswasher engineers fit your parts for you.

Maintenance and service for Prodis glasswashers in Leeds and the wider West Yorkshire area. If you have a Prodis glasswasher spare part that needs replacing, but you don’t have the confidence or time to complete the repair yourself then why not get one of our Prodis glass washer engineers to replace the part for you.

Local Leeds Prodis glasswasher service engineers

Leeds Prodis glasswasher repair company.

Pub, bar and restaurant glasswasher repairs and spares for Prodis glasswashers.

Catering Spares offer a complete one stop shop for all your Prodis glasswasher needs. We can supply our customers with genuine Prodis glasswasher spare parts to be fitted by the customer. Alternatively you may wish to request one of our Prodis glasswasher engineers to attend your premises and make a repair on your behalf.

If you require a service on your Prodis glasswasher we can attend on a one off basis, or if you prefer a annual service contract could be organised. Should you need new baskets, stands or water softeners for your Prodis glasswasher they can in most cases be dispatched for delivery the next day.

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