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Please use our reactive search bar to find your replacement Amika glasswasher or dishwasher pumps. Try using a part number or model number. Alternatively follow the link to view all our Amika Pumps.

Amika Rinse Pump

Sometimes known as a rinse booster pump. The rinse pump is used after the wash cycle to rinse the pots with clean water. Some Amika warewashers may not have a rinse booster pump.

Amika Drain Pumps

Not all Amika glass washers and dishwashers have drain pumps. They are usually found on washers where the service drain is higher than the bottom of your Amika washer.

Amika Chemical Pump

Also known as dosing pumps. Most Amika glass washers and dishwashers have two chemical dosing pumps that dose detergent and rinse aid into the washer.

Amika Wash Pump

Normally the largest pump in any Amika dishwasher or glasswasher. The wash pump circulates the water through the wash arms and wash tank. We can supply Amika wash pumps for all models.

Amika Pump Supplier

We supply Amika wash pumps, rinse booster pumps, drain pumps and chemical dosing pumps for all models of Amika dishwasher and glasswasher. Should you need any help whilst selecting the replacement wash pump for your glass washer or dishwasher, please contact our office. Our experienced and friendly staff will assist you in choosing the correct pump for your model.

Below are some questions our staff are regularly asked.

How can I identify which is the correct pump?

If you contact our office we will guide you through the procedure.

How much is a new wash pump for a Amika glass washer?

The price of a new Amika wash pump depends on the model of glasswasher you have.

Do you supply drain pumps for Amika dishwashers and glasswashers?

Yes we supply new drain pumps for Amika dishwashers and glass washers.

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